tour1 [ tur ] noun count ***
1. ) a trip in which you visit several places for pleasure:
tour of: We went on a 10-day tour of central Africa.
walking/bus tour: walking tours in the forests of northern California
a ) a trip in which a person or group visits several different places in order to play or perform:
on tour: The group is currently on tour in Europe.
world/nationwide/overseas tour: They begin a world tour with four concerts in Brazil.
whistle-stop/whirlwind tour (=a tour in which you visit a lot of places in a short time): a U.S. comedian who is on a whistle-stop tour of Britain
leg of a tour (=one of the parts that a tour is divided into): The New England leg of the tour was canceled for lack of ticket sales.
b ) a trip in which a politician or leader visits several places as a representative of their country, or in order to get support:
The president plans a European tour next month.
2. ) a short trip around a building or place in order to see what is there:
tour of/around: We were taken on a tour of the factory.
guided/conducted tour (=a tour in which someone shows you around a place and gives you information): Every weekend there are free guided tours of the museum.
tour of duty
a period of time when a group of soldiers or a government representative is sent to work somewhere:
a six-month tour of duty
tour of inspection
an official visit to a place to make certain that everything is correct
tour 2 [ tur ] verb intransitive or transitive **
to visit a place on a tour:
They spent their honeymoon touring in Mexico.
Many visitors tour the old city.
a. if a show, play, or concert tours, it is performed in several different places:
The show was immensely popular and toured ten midwestern cities.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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